Convex Kitchen Handles - Stripe Handle

Designed and Made with Distinction


Code-C/C-Finish                Length

1057-96-CP/SN                 120mm

1057-192-CP/SN               217mm

1057-256-CP/SN               280mm

CP/SN = Chrome Plate / Satin Nickel


1057-96-CP/MB                120mm

1057-192-CP/MB              217mm

1057-256-CP/MB              280mm

CP/MB = Chrome Plate / Matt Black


1057-96-CP/WH                120mm

1057-192-CP/WH              217mm

1057-256-CP/WH              280mm

CP/WH = Chrome Plate / White


Made in Greece

1057 - 3 Length Options

Center to Center
Finish Options

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