All Jambs are Supplied Pre Primed (Gesso Coated)

Required Tools and Accessories

Side Jambs


Connector Plates

pre attached

Screws Included

Door Stops

2 Sides

1 Top

Door Hinged x 2

Both Faces Primed

4 Edges Primed

Top Jamb

No attached Plates

Connector Plate

Jolt Nails

For attaching 

Door Stop to Jamb

Assembly Instructions

Trade: 410-910mm Duo Door Double Hung

Drill and Phillips Drill Bit

For connecting Side and Top Jambs

For attaching door to jamb using 

Quick Door Hanger

Spirit Level and Pencil

For Marking Straight Line on 

Plaster Board Prior to installing

Duo Door in Final Position with QDH

Quick Door Hanger

Install your door in

under 5 Minutes


Connecting Door Stop to Jamb

Supplied Parts


Slide the top Jamb under both side Jambs.Ensure that the Hinge Button is facing up.


When making a Double door, they are both Left and Right Hung in the same door. Just follow the instructions, each door scetion will need to be replicated for each hanging, yet the frame is made as one piece.

LEFT                                RIGHT


Lay door on ground next to Door Jamb with Hinge Piece on. Have both hinge pieces facing up, slide pieces into place.


Position each hinge piece as pictured.

Place pin in top and slide in hinge. Slight tapping with hammer may be required.

Repeat for all six hinges.

8: On the non hinged side of door, hold door in closed position.

Line up supplied door stops and nail then to Jamb in the  position required.


Lay flat on floor so that all sides are in line. Screw the smaller screws into the the three outer holes (as Pictured). Once completed, screw the longer screw piece into the top remaining side hole. Pre drill 2mm guide hole first.

You have a Pre Hung Double Door

  Now to Install the Door

6: Grab the Quick Door Hanger and follow the instructions.                               Click Here.

Your Door is now Installed

Now to add Door Stops



Position Both doors in a closed position, hold door in closed position.

Line up supplied door stops and nail them to Jamb in the  position required.

Remember they are there  to stop to door so position them where you want the door to close too.

Non Hinged Side

Positioning of Stops